Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Today I will get my photo taken for my new job.
I hate being photographed.
First hurdle was finding an outfit. Pretty ridiculous given the size of my wardrobe - this should have been easy! Especially as it's just a headshot!! But I then realized that a lot of my clothes show off my tattoo - which is great, but I don't want it to feature on the photo.
Another large part of my wardrobe is patterned and my boss had suggested going for something not too 'wild'/busy.
And lastly, I have a lot of black stuff, which I feel is too dark for a pic.
(am I overthinking this???!? - quite possibly)
I eventually settled for one of my favourite dresses. Navy, very simple, I like the neckline.

Next challenge will be producing an authentic smile. I tried the trick of thinking of something that makes me really happy with eyes closed, then opening my eyes. And I looked like an idiot.
I am putting all my trust in the photographer!

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