Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Menschen 2017 - April 2017

Reminder Menschen 2017

Maren, Nora, Samuel, Frederic, Thomas, Ani, Julianna, Martin, Matthias, Alex, Ruth, Christian, Andi, Julia, Dirk - ProjectTogether workshop

Mr. and Mrs. S. - Antonia's parents

Finni - finally met one of my friend's son - such a cutie! As well as a friend of his, Tobias, and his two kids

Tom - my new hairdresser and a very interesting guy.

Laura Long - Kathryn, Pam and Ana - connecting in two wonderful zoom sessions and my first experience with EFT.

X and Y and Carl - at the pub quiz. I am terrible with names. The two girls were on my team though, so they definitely 'count' for this list!

Dani and the three kids (T's wife) - I was having coffee with a friend, when I recognized one of my ex colleague. So I finally got to meet his wife and three adorable kids.

January 2017 - 17
February 2017 - 8
March 2017 - 17
April 2017 - 33
New total: 75

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