Monday, 3 April 2017

Menschen 2017 - March 2017

Reminder Menschen 2017

Max, Annie, Franzi, Noah, Johannes and Michael from ProjectTogether

Yannik - my first ProjectTogether coachee

Elke, Maria and Antonia from a mentoring volunteering project here in Rosenheim

Anita and Andreea: two coaches who I had free sessions with. Firstly, I am very grateful for their offer. And secondly, I learned some lessons on how I do NOT want to work as a coach. Offering free sessions is generous without a doubt. Of course I am no fool, and realize that it's part of a marketing strategy to recruit new clients. BUT the coachee is in no way obligated to book a session and should not be guilt-tripped into doing so. Having said that, I fully recognize that I myself am responsible for the negative feeling I was left with after those sessions. Also an important lesson to learn, of course!

Dr. Zimmermann - doctor at the Stadtkrankenhaus Hanau. I'd rather not start another rant about the terrible communication we experienced and her silly behaviour. Scary though that this happens during times when things are difficult enough as they are.

Nurses - a couple of lovely ones and some more bitches... (I'll count three I recollect)

Man at the opera

January 2017 - 17
February 2017 - 8
March 2017 - 17
New total: 42

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