Saturday, 7 January 2017

Menschen 2017

Quite some years ago - and I have a feeling that I wrote about it on the blog, too - I saw a piece of art in a Scottish museum which was essentially a list of people the artist had met. I cannot remember what period of time it related to (whether a year or a decade, or most of his life). I liked the idea ever since and finally, I will try to create my own piece.

While I've been moaning a lot about my lack of a social life (in comparison to my London life), I have met quite a number of people even here in Rosenheim. Many people come and go. Some touching on my life just very lightly but even an encounter lasting sometimes just 15 minutes can hold so much beauty and wonder and wisdom. Or also just fun 😉

Once a month, I will aim to publish my list, which will (hopefully!!!) grow each month. I am just going to include new people.

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